Total landscape area 30,000 M2
Total land area 45,000
Total construction area 250,000
Number of blocks 7 BLOCKS
Number of units 1.200
For many years, the Anadolu Group’s many brands carried out its production activities at the facilities in Kartal. Anadolu Motor, one of these brands, conducted its production operations at the 55-decare factory area in Kartal from 1972 to 2014, producing more than 350,000 engines.
It is decided to transform the old facilities of Anadolu Motor, which moved to its new facilities in Şekerpınar in 2014, to a project that will add value to the city by AND Gayrimenkul. In 2014 AND Gayrimenkul started the project development works to determine the best project for the region and its surroundings. 11 surveys were conducted with nine different companies in order to analyze the needs of the residents to live in the project in the best way and to find the best solutions for these needs.
A contest was held for selecting the architectural project best suiting to the outcomes of this survey with the participation of five international architects. After the contest, HPP Architects was selected as the project architect. During the architectural stage, a number of consultants joined the project team and life scenarios for the project were determined. The licensing process was completed in December 2015.
The long-awaited old neighborhood culture meant warm relations with neighbors, children playing freely, people trusting each other and dinner tables joined by all the neighbors.

Although the life has changed and old neighborhoods left behind, actually they never lost their souls, warmth and essence.
With the ever-advancing technology and the life everyday faster than ever, we all look for the same thing: a clean living space, good neighbors, and a happy and peaceful life.

Now, we bring together the emotions we long for and the necessities of today.
We offer the past and the future with a new generation neighborhood.

Here, you can feel the joy of watching the sea and enjoy the feeling of your feet on earth in an apartment opening to the garden.
Now, your children can enjoy what you had in your childhood instead of playing only in a children’s park, freely play at every part of this neighborhood.
Lying down under the trees, lying in a hammock, having a picnic… The peace and warmth you always long for and the energy of the new generation now come together.

This is AND Pastel. New generation neighborhood.
Each child is precious, so we developed AND Pastel as a child-friendly project. We believe that children deserve much more than homes designed just for adults and children’s parks not away from the noise of the city.

We designed not only the open areas but also the interiors of houses and common closed areas with an eye to children.
normal active The project will house a kindergarten/pre-school institutions for preschoolers.
normal active Our landscape design will enable the children to freely play at every part of the project and to climb trees.
normal active We use non-slip floor materials in bathrooms to prevent children from tripping over, and landscape materials with no sharp corners at open areas.
normal active We use no thorny, poisonous and insect-attracting plants in the landscape.
normal active We are building a safe area where children can wait their shuttles to go to school.
normal active We use safe sockets at homes to prevent risks such as electric shock.
normal active We are building inspiration walls in common areas to increase the creativity of the children and enable the children to have fun.
normal active We use warning signs designed especially for children.
normal active We design organic gardens children can enjoy.
For you, we work with the best.

We have been working with experts since the first day we decided to carry out AND Pastel project.

We have worked with many consultancy companies such as Epos, Servotel, JLL, Kuzeybatı, Çelen Gayrimenkul and the research company Akademetre to determine the user needs and to develop the best project.

Internationally-recognized HPP Architects and our local architectural partner Dome+Partners minutely designed the architecture of the project for a peaceful and comfortable life.
We created a perfect open area setting with our collaboration with multi award winner Martha Schwartz Partners in the landscape stage and with TYLA Landscape Architecture in the construction stage.

We have worked with the best engineering team composed of Balkar Mühendislik, Apsis Elektrik and Dinamik Proje for static, mechanical and electrical works.

Always placing importance on sustainability and protection of the environment, we work with Altensis, a consultancy firm expert in LEED. We work with CWG Danışmanlık for a spectacular facade.

We know that you would not want to hear the noises coming from neighboring apartments, and we do not leave this to chance and receive support from Sey Akustik Danışmanlık.

We work with LIFTINSTITUUT to provide the optimum efficiency in the lifts.
We collaborate with the ground survey consultancy company Geodinamik Mühendislik and ground survey company Geostar Proje Danışmanlık so that you can safely live in an earthquake resistant building.

We receive support from our transportation consultant Boğaziçi Mühendislik to solve the traffic load that the project may place on the region and to manage the traffic in the site in the most professional manner. We receive consultancy services from TSP in management to ease your lives and from İşte Proje Yönetim in project management.

We want to offer you the best project so we never leave anything to chance. For you we work with the best.


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