AND Gayrimenkul pays great attention to protecting your privacy. This privacy policy outlines which information AND Gayrimenkul collects through this website and how these information are stored and protected. In this scope,

• AND Gayrimenkul does not collect any personal information during your visit to our website unless you provide the same voluntarily.
• AND Gayrimenkul may collect your personal information while you request reservation for apartment sales, filling out survey form or sending e-bulletin.
• AND Gayrimenkul, as a rule, does not share, sell, rent the personal information (name-surname, email, business and home address, telephone numbers) you provide to our website with third parties and does not let the third parties use the same information.

If you do not want your personal information to be collected during your visit at AND Gayrimenkul website, you can learn what you should do by reading INFORMATION REQUEST FORM. This policy is effective only for AND Gayrimenkul website and invalid for our advertisements and promotions located at the websites owned by third parties.

Upon your consent AND Gayrimenkul uses your information for the following purposes:

• To send to you printed bulletins, magazines and notifications for campaigns,
• To inform you by email, SMS and fax about campaigns,
• To determine our visitor profiles,
• To evaluate your demands, requests and complaints.

During your visit at the website AND Gayrimenkul automatically and anonymously collects data such as user density, visited sections, clicked areas, etc. These data are used only for determining the view and following rates of sections and different areas and are not associated with any personal information of the visitors. In case “cookies”, which determines which pages are visited and how, are used, similarly statistical data are collected to determine the viewing and clicking rates of different areas of the website, which is not an application involving personal data. With this technology we aim to make the content of the frequently visited areas by the visitors more accessible to the user since his/her first visit.

Personal information are used for the purposes stated herein or due to a court decision or legal procedures in accordance with the relevant articles of Law on the Protection of Personal Data No 6698.

We would like to inform you that, in accordance with Article 11 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No 6698, you have the right to

a) Learn if personal data are processed or not,
b) If personal data are processed, request information regarding to this process,
c) Learn the purpose of processing personal data and if these data are used according to the purpose or not,
ç) Learn the third parties the personal data are delivered to at home and overseas,
d) If the personal data are deficiently and erroneously processed, request that these data be corrected,
e) Request that the personal data be deleted or destroyed in accordance with Article 7 of Law No 6698,
f) Request that the third parties be informed of the operations carried out under subparagraphs (d) and (e),
g) Make an objection if an unfavorable result to you occurs upon exclusively analyzing the processed data by automatic systems,
ğ) Request that damages be indemnified if the personal data are damaged upon being illegally processed.
If you send your requests for these matters to, we will reply your email within the legal duration.

AND Gayrimenkul cannot be held responsible if individuals under age of 18 provide data without their parents or legal guardians to the AND Gayrimenkul website.

To send your opinions or ask a question about this Privacy Policy or inform us of the breach of the Privacy Policy, please send us an email at AND Gayrimenkul will carry out the necessary works and researches to meet the requests received.

Using and visiting AND Gayrimenkul website and voluntarily provide personal data means that this privacy policy and terms of use are read and accepted.


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I hereby agree and allow that the personal information I provided herein be stored, shared and used by AND Kartal Gayrimenkul Yatırımları A.Ş., its company partners, parent companies and the companies AND Kartal Gayrimenkul Yatırımları A.Ş. collaborate with in all kinds of marketing activities, campaigns, advertisements and communication studies.
In case the wants to end the above-mentioned communication activities and to change data sharing preferences, the customer can convey this request by email at or calling our call center at 0850 393 40 00 and cancel his/her membership.